For artists

You deserve a Pretty Penny!

Duitje is here to support you, the creative soul. We allow your fans and supporters - and your proud mom - to donate money to you in a safe and easy manner. Their donation might be a small gesture to them, but to you, it's a genuine and heartfelt way to support your work as an artist.
Duitje makes sure that you do not have to worry about the whole administrative process involved with earning donations. We accept the donations, process them and pay you out periodically. This way, you get to spend your time and energy on your art.

How does it work?

You'll be able to quickly set up your account and start using Duitje.
Simply follow these steps:
Create your artist page
Share your page with your audience...
... or use our Donate Button
Donating is easy and quick
We keep you updated...
... and we pay out your earnings!
You can receive donations the way you want to.
Claim your page

Create your own space where you can express yourself, and where your fans can support you.

Use your QR Code

Print your QR Code on your flyers, cards, stickers and whatnot - and receive donations when you're out and about.

Create your Donation Button

Place your own, customised button on your website, and allow your fans to support you directly from there.