Community Guidelines

Duitje is focused on supporting artists in a safe a positive environment. The manner in which we conduct ourselves on our websites and apps reflects this. This is why we have set a number of guidelines:

- The services Duitje offers are meant for artists - i.e., not for political entities or companies which have nothing to do with art.

- We treat each other with respect. This is why we do not allow any racist, discriminatory content or other forms of hate speech, as well as any political content on our websites and apps.

- The artist pages are accessible to minors, which is why we do not allow any sexually explicit texts or imagery, no matter their artistic merit.

- Make sure the content you place does not infringe on anyone's copyright.

- Since many of the points mentioned may find themselves in a grey area, we provide our users with the ability to report any misconduct, if they believe the content on an artist page transgresses these guidelines. Our administrators have the right to block a page if that page seems to break the community guidelines. In this case, the artist is offered the chance to change their content in order to meet these guidelines.

- In case you place any content which breaks Dutch law, we are obliged to block your page and report the police.

By making use of our services, websites and apps, you declare that you agree to the community guidelines.