How are my personal details handled?
When you make a donation, your email address is used once in order to send you a proof of transaction. That's all! We do not share your details with any third parties, nor the artist.
However, if you choose to leave your name and/or a message, we will share that with the artist. This is 100% optional, but gives you the option to let the artist know what their work means to you, that you support them, of tell them what a proud mom you are.
You can find more information on how we process and store your details in our privacy policy.
How do crowdfunding campaigns work?
Crowdfunding campaigns have a specific purpose and run over a period of time. During this period you can donate money to this campaign, on the page of the campaign itself. Some campaigns are only paid out if at least 75% of the goal is reached, and other, so-called flexible campaigns, are always paid out. If the campaign you support is not flexible and the 75% threshold has not been reached after the campaign period ends, your donation will be refunded. You will be informed about this before you place your donation.
How to donate?
We strive to provide a method that allows you to donate as easily and accessibly as possible. On the artist's page, you only need to take three simple steps:
  • 1
    Enter your details and click 'Donate'
  • 2
    Check your details and click 'Pay'
  • 3
    You are directed to a secure payment environment where you can complete your payment
I picked a perk as compensation for my donation to a crowdfunding campaign! What now?
Thanks so much! If you picked a perk, your contact details are sent to the artist who created the crowdfunding campaign, as they are responsible for the realisation and/or delivery of your perk. Some perks require you to enter a delivery address. You can do this after placing your donation or via a link we send you by e-mail.
What's Duitje?
Duitje was founded with the goal of providing a way to support artists, content creators and other creative minds in their work and life. We do this by providing our donation platform, which allows fans and supporters to safely donate a pretty penny, as easily and comfortably as possible.
The word "duitje" is an old Dutch word describing a pretty penny, and symbolises what we stand behind: a small gift with a world of meaning behind it.
How can I adopt an artist?
Adopting an artist means that you support them with a monthly donation of your choosing. You can adopt an artist by selecting the option 'Monthly donation' on their page, and following the steps provided.
How can I enable or disable direct debit?
You can enable or disable direct debit (i.e. the automatic collection of payments from your bank account) in your dashboard, by going to Settings -> Bank details and following the instructions.
How much can I donate?
You can donate a minimum of € 2,50 per donation. We also maintain a maximum of € 7.500 per donation placed via the website, and € 1.000 per donation placed via Duitje's Donate Button, in order to reasonably protect you, the artist and ourselves financially.
I want to stop / edit my monthly donation.
You can do this in your dashboard. In the list of artist's you've adopted, select the donation you'd like to change and click on the icon. Here, you'll be able to edit or stop your donation.
My invoice / proof of transaction / bank statement shows the name "Bolleboos Creatieve Ondersteuning". What does that mean?
This is correct! Duitje is a service provided by Bolleboos Creatieve Ondersteuning, een Dutch company focused on supporting artists.
My invoice / proof of transaction / bank statement shows the name "Stichting Mollie Payments". What does that mean?
Automatic collection of payment is carried out on our behalf by Stichting Mollie Payments. Mollie's collector's ID is: NL08ZZZ502057730000.
What are my payment options?
Currently, it is possible to pay using iDEAL, Paypal, SEPA bank transfer, Bancontact, Giropay, SOFORT Banking, EPS, Przelewy24 and Belfius.
What does the artist receive?
We charge certain fees for processing and handling your donation, and we pay out the remainder to the artist. Such fees cover the payment costs charged by Paypal or the payment platform we use, as well as a fee for our employees working behind the scenes. You can find an overview of our tariffs here.
What happens to my donation?
Your donation is processed by us, and we pay the artist. The payment itself is carried out in a secure payment environment, provided by Mollie Pay, a Dutch company. If you choose to enter your name or a message when donating, we send those to the artist.
Why do I need an account to adopt an artist?
When you're making a monthly donation to an artist, we need more information from you as compared to when you're making a one-off donation. Your account allows you to view the artist's you've adopted and manage your donations. Besides this, there's loads more uses for your account.
Can I integrate Duitje into my own website or app?
This is certainly possible! Please find more information regarding our API here.
Can I use the Donate Button on my Wordpress website?
Yes you can! We've written a turorial for you which you can find here.
How can I use the Donate Button?
You can place the Donate Button on your own website with two simple lines of code. Please find more info here. If you're not that tech-savvy, we'll gladly help you out. Feel free to contact us for help.
I lost my password!
You can reset your password here.
If you did not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.